Aug 162014

avatar2¬†After the battle against the Wraith Hive ships the survivors onboard the captured hive return to Atlantis and well it’s a bit of a surprise for those still in the city, then the complications arise when once again they choose to maintain the use of the retrovirus on Michael and the other Wraith who now exist in human form. An off world camp is created and thanks to their loss of memory the Wraith are told they are victims of a plague and are being quarantined for both their own good and their friends and families. Carson hopes to not only stablise the retrovirus but worse case get them to maintain the dosage of the drug themselves so they can live and not threaten any native born humans. Guess what, it doesn’t quite go according to plan and why should it, the course of action has failed before and is fundamentally wrong showing an arrogance that even the Ancients no strangers to hubris would be impressed with.

One of us dyes their hair.

One of us dyes their hair.

Misbegotten is a necessary episode in the story of the retrovirus and the beginning of the galactic threat which is Michael, come on who here actually think he died when they opened up on the planet from orbit. The episode overall isn’t that great but it has it’s moments most of which revolve around Michael once again played by Connor Trinneer although he takes a step back once on the planet showing his capability to be the master mind and lets others act and draw attention to themselves. We also get to see Christopher Heyerdahl in his Wraith makeup, surprising but maybe this was the impetus for Todd and there was some excellent acting and dialogue between Caldwell and Woolsey, two great genre actors doing their thing.

Many thanks to Jeff for joining us for Misbegotten and he will be back for more episodes in the near future, next week we’ll be joined by Brad for the SG1 episode The Pegasus Project which had issues thanks to Skype which is a shame since it’s a cracking episode. This weeks promo is for the Saturday B Movie Reel and thanks for the feedback on our Facebook and Google+ groups and as always lots of Stargate love on Twitter.



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