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Rodney is talking to his sister Jeannie via email and picking her brain to solve a nanite issue involving a medical application and when she is kidnapped he returns to Earth along with John and Ronon to aid the NID and SGC in the search. It soon becomes evident that she was taken due to the interception of the email correspondence and then Rodney himself is kidnapped with Agent Barrett left unconscious in a parking lot. Henry Wallace the owner of  Devlin Medical Technologies who have been getting access to alien tech via their defence contracts has been searching for a cure for his daughter (Sharon) and having discovered the potential of the nanites has gone to an extreme length to give her a chance for life. Rodney and Jeannie are promised their freedom if they help and eventually Sharon awakes fully healed but soon after collapses again as the nanites still poorly coded begin to fix everything regardless of the consequences. She is left in a vegetative state after the nanites turn her heart off and starve her brain and she eventually passes away but Jeannie has the nanites in her as well and it’s at that point they are rescued but no one on Earth has the knowledge to fix the nanites before they kill her as well.

MillersCrossing (29)

It’s decided that only Todd who has worked with the Replicator code in the past could offer a solution and eventually he agrees to help but he soon collapses as he has not fed for some time. John approaches Henry and simply lays out his options and the still remaining consequences of his actions, Henry sees some redemption in helping to save Jeannie and soon after an “accident” occurs in the lab allowing the wraith to feed and then the work on the code is finished. The nanites in Jeannie are deactivated and Rodney has a heart to heart with his sister and then with John, it’s all worked out ok even with the tragic choices made by a desperate father.

Miller’s Crossing brings Jeannie (Kate Hewlett) back to the show and while the chemistry between the siblings is evident it’s now used to drive a much more darker and disturbing storyline. It’s understandable the actions that Henry Wallace takes, he has the knowledge and resources to offer his child a chance of life and he is going to take it and I believe he would have honoured his promise to release Rodney and Jeannie and turned himself in if honest effort and hopefully success had been achieved. No plan ever goes smoothly and his desperate move to infect Jeannie may have brought some positives that pretty much in story terms meant he could not get out of this with a win, in this case both he and his daughter died albeit the former in an act of redemption which I think we can honour. It’s disappointing that the writers didn’t consider taking John down a deeper path since they felt he was struggling with the decisions he made in regards to Wallace but I guess Atlantis wasn’t that type of show.

We’ve got to thank Andrew for joining is this week for an episode he requested, as always we have to juggle the time to suit three people in three timezones but we got it done with the minimum of fuss and in that respect if you want to join us for an episode please get in touch. The same goes for any feedback on Stargate and our own coverage of the episodes.

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