Nov 082014

avatar Jeannie Miller aka Jeannie McKay has an epiphany while playing with her daughter, with a background in maths and physics she creates a theory to explain the process of bridging universes / realities and with the encouragement of her husband (Kaleb) sends it off for oversight and it comes to the attention of Stargate Command and Sam Carter who knows they could solve the problem of energy generation a problem Rodney McKay had been working on. Despite a four year estrangement Rodney goes to visit his sister and the only way to convince her to help is to beam her aboard the Daedalus and prove to her there is a benefit in spending time away from her family and Kaleb agrees so off to Atlantis they go. On arrival Zelenka has built the prototype machine thanks to the information being sent to the city from the ship and once activated it all seems to be working fine until late one evening the energy spikes a man appears inside the chamber who looks remarkably like Rodney.

MrsMiller (26)

It turns out that although it was a slim chance they have broken through to a populated universe and the exotic particles being generated as a by product of this “bridge” will tear that realm apart, they agree to turn it off but it turns out it won’t be that easy as the threat to both universes builds when the other side takes pro-active action, the solution is to use a massive amount of energy to disrupt the bridge which could mean depleting the ZPM but it has to be done and maybe at the last second “Rod” will be able to return to his world.

McKay and Mrs Miller is a very good episode of Atlantis, it makes full use of the guest appearances from within the Stargate family as well as bringing in Kate Hewlett to play Jeannie, Kate is David’s real life sister so the chemistry between them on screen was perfection, you could almost believe the reconciliation the two characters go through was part of their real lives. Kaleb played by Brendan Gall was good character, patience of a saint when dealing with his wife’s family and their daughter played by Madison Bell was too cute to mention:) The beauty of this episode of course is the production side in giving us two David Hewlett’s on screen at the same time using a number of different techniques, David then went to town bringing to life “Rod” his alternate self and developing a whole new social dynamic within Atlantis and the rest of the cast can be credited for seamlessly playing off both characters so well, kudos to Martin Gero for such a great script.

Many thanks to Shayne for joining us this week, another guest from Australia which required the usual hoop jumping to get three global time zones to sync and make the recording not just possible but practical:)

We got some feedback for last weeks episode but I finished the edit early this week so I include it next week but as always a great time is had over on twitter and the Stargate community we are part of, so much fun and creativity being shared with the only thing lacking is more direct feedback for our show, we’d certainly love to hear from you so don’t be shy, contact forms and social media options are just a click away. This weeks featured promo was for Nutty Bites a geek friendly podcast hosted by Nuchtchas with some of her friends discussing topics that cover all manner of things we love, give her show a go. Next week we will be taking a look at the Stargate SG1 episode Company of Thieves with a first time guest, stayed tuned.



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