Jun 242011

Safely returned to Earth SG1 along with the renegade Tealc face the reality of his betrayal but help is at hand as Bratac comes a calling with his version of tough love. Through a life threatening procedure Tealc is forced to recall the events which shaped him and without the direct influence of the symbiote maybe he will be able to reclaim his mind.

In essence Threshold is part three of a trilogy of episodes which started with the season 4 finale but by itself it’s an excellent example of flashback footage (mostly new) integrated with an ongoing story. There is lots of Teal’c back story which fleshes out the events which led to the galaxy changing events when a first prime defied his god and came to the aid of 4 humans from Earth.

Concerned yet still humourous

Threshold is mighty fine episode, I’ve always loved the flashback style which Joss Whedon seemed to pull off with ease via Buffy and Angel and this is a good example of the style of story telling. Lots of humour as you would expect as well Peter Deluise getting involved which is a skill that guy has perfected:)