Jul 112015

avatar John is looking forward to a supply visit to an offworld science operation when his jumper is fired upon, he loses power and the ship is drawn into the cargo hold of a huge unknown vessel. John is dragged into a cell and physically abused and questioned but a guard, a woman then enters and it seems they had been planning on capturing a member of a race they had heard were actively attacking the Wraith using the technology of the Ancients. Larrin the commander of the vessel explains that her people live on ships and travel the stars always one step ahead of the Wraith but time and resources are slowing eroding their fleets and she needs someone capable of using Ancient technology because she has found herself an Aurora class starship which needs just a little bit of work. John plays along but when he gets to the bridge and at the command chair he applies a little acceleration without the inertial dampeners throwing the three other crew members into the walls and knocking them unconscious, John activates the hyperdrive and escapes from the traveler fleet but John has to relinquish control when Larrin threatens to turn the radiation shields off but he has sent a message towards Atlantis. Alas it’s the Wraith that finds them first and the ship comes under fire, the two Traveler men are killed when the bridge is destroyed and then John destroys the Wraith cruiser but not before three Wraith board the ship from a dart. There is then a running battle between the two groups and the last Wraith drains almost all the lifeforce out of Larrin, John gets the drop on him and offers him freedom if he brings Larrin back to health, the Wraith does and flees the ship. The Traveler fleet arrives and John is once again in a cell but he offers Larrin an opportunity to work with Atlantis in the future which would benefit her people more than one single ship and when McKay and company come a calling then find John has been left behind with a tale to tell.

Travelers (35)

Travelers is an episode which opens up the fourth season by adding a technologically advanced race that thanks to it’s nomadic beliefs has kept itself well under the radar of Atlantis and more importantly the Wraith. Of course as Larrin (played by Jill Wagner) says without the industrial support of a planet based economy their fleets have slowly been reduced in capacity even to the point where whole populations have had to be left on planets. Their find of an Aurora class Ancient warship would not only give them more living space but open up some technology options but without the gene it’s useless hence the capture of someone from the people that are fighting Wraith with Ancient tech. Of course the episode is also an opportunity for Joe to carry the story which he does very well but no question Larrin is his equal in intelligence and guile as well committment to her people, it’s that similarity between the two that allows the resolution of the episode to be fairly positive. Ultimately Travelers is a fun episode and well constructed and as you may know the Traveler culture will play a part in the seasons larger storyline and we will get to see Larrin again so happy days:)

This weeks promo was for Continuing Missions a Star Trek Voyager podcast which will be looking at the novels set within this part of the Trek franchise, the first episode aired a few days ago with a look at the Jeri Taylor novel Mosaic. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the sixth episode of this season of Atlantis “Tabula Rasa” and we are going to be joined by Jeff. As always thanks for the support over on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook and a big thank you to everyone that actually listens to the show and shares the episode information, truly appreciated:)



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