Nov 202010

 Bratac arrives bearing news of an attack on Chulak by Apophis as he searches for his child. Further investigations lead the SGC to believe they have found the mythical Kheb a world feared by the System Lords where the child has been taken and SG1 with Bratac visit the world.

I really enjoyed this episode simply by listening to the “zen” slanted discussions by the monk as he leads Daniel through the steps required to get his mind in a state when he could understand why the boy needed to be protected and by whom. There are some nice visuals as well as locations used which all add atmosphere to the episode and of course the humour from Jack running into the wall that is metaphysical Daniel.



Sep 112010

A rescue mission leads to a pitched battle with the Jaffa of Amonet who is holding a number of Abydonians including Kasuf prisoner. Daniel reaches the elaborate tent of Amonet who proceeds to fry his brain but all is not as it seems as Daniel flashes between realities where Share dies and another where she lives.

Forever in a Day is a marvellous episode which ties up the Sha’re story in a very creative way and allows for Daniel to have closure while setting up a valid reason why he and the SGC continue to search the stars.

Vaitiare Bandera and Erik Avari both return to the show reprising their roles and Jason Schombing guest stars as Dr Rothman.