Nov 162013

avatar2 A jumper orbits the planet Doranda and they find a huge amount of wreckage in orbit around the planet most of which seems to come from a number of Wraith ships including at least one hive ship. As the jumper descends into the atmosphere to track down an energy source they find a devastated world with no signs of life but one lone structure which looks very much like it was designed by the Lanteans. They discover a research lab which seems to have been working on technology very similar to the ZPM which gets McKay very excited even allows him to wave away the dead bodies that little the complex. Upon returning to the city McKay puts his case forward to return and continue the experiments, he believes the mistakes made in the rush to find a weapon to fight the Wraith can be overcome and he is the man to do it and Weir with the support of John gives him the green light. A full science team returns to the plant and powers up the complex, further investigation gets them to the point of a test run but tragedy strikes as the power output spikes and Dr Collins is bombarded by exotic hard radiation and dies. Once again questions are asked about the safety of trying to eclipse the Lanteans, they failed but McKay still thinks he can succeed so along with John they return for a lower power test run but again the technology and physics are beyond anything they can handle but this time there is no powering down the system and they have to flee the system before it’s destroyed.

Meanwhile Teyla and Ronon go on a trading mission, Teyla finds out the there are other survivors of Sateda (Ronon’s Homeworld) and  Ronon is overjoyed but then learns his former military commander/master also lives and he asks Teyla to arrange a meeting. Ronon that takes pretty drastic action and Teyla makes it clear what she thinks of his behaviour and what Weir and company would also think, putting it behind them they return to the city walking in a rip-roaring dressing down of Rodney by Elizabeth.

Shields would help here.

Shields would help here.

Trinity is  very much an episode of two parts and even with the two story lines beginning together and ending together there is a very definite line drawn between them. The discovery of the debris field around the planet really looks spectacular and for a brief time holds out hope for a way to fight the Wraith but as the story unfolds it’s more about the failure of the Lanteans despite incredible efforts and insights combined with the arrogance of McKay and well the humans in general. It was a good choice to have John support Rodney after all he has proved himself both in his science abilities and maybe more importantly to John in the field taking up arms to fight and defend the expedition and their friends. It’s no surprise the Caldwell was all for the experiments even after the death of Dr. Collins but it all made logical sense, what didn’t was letting Mckay return before the full analysis of the data was complete. Radak tried his best to convince Rodney to abandon the test but he was too far going in his own hubris and then it was too late cue a rapid egress from the planet as the weapon tracked them firing energy bolts that would wipe the jumper out if any connected.

That was too close.

That was too close.

So what have Teyla and Ronon been doing, well not much a simple trading mission and it does seem Ronon is a little smitten by Teyla and well wouldn’t be. Beautiful, intelligent and every bit of a bad ass as Ronon himself so the two together should work well but it doesn’t at least not on this mission. It was good to see Teyla wearing the leaders mantle even if most of her discussions were left on the cutting room floor and it was a joy to see Ronon learn of other survivors but when you watch him closely you see the cold calculation going on after he learnt about Kell his former mentor/master being alive. As for his actions, well that was impressive and same again for Teyla’s response and reasoning, they really did cement a lot of their characters and relationship in these few minutes.

The final scene of Ronon and Teyla exiting the gate on Atlantis and hearing and see Rodney getting dressed down by Weir is priceless, the addition of the faint voices in the background just adds a layer of icing that actually despite the losses and set backs in the characters relationships has you grinning and then fades to black.

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