Aug 202011

  A visit to the world of Volia (P3A-194) gives SG1 the opportunity to meet a highly advanced race known as the Aschen who control a confederation of worlds who share resources and technology and are very open to having Earth involved. Thanks to the vagaries of time travel/alternate reality the SGC are unaware that they have had dealings with the Aschen before and the cost of dealing with a race who were manipulating the Earth into ultimately culling 99% of her population. Overjoyed with the prospect of gaining access to weapons and defence technologies plus medical tech in exchange for our gate databases and experience there is not a descenting voice but caution first and once the layers are peeled back things begin not to make complete sense.

SG1 with Ambassador Faxon

2001 is the sequel of sorts to the earlier 2010 although I guess again with time travel it may be the prequel but either way once again the expansion of existing characters and situations pays off and we get an interesting and fun episode with humour, some angst and fun bad dudes who themselves do a passable Laurel & Hardy:)

In many ways the Aschen show us what is possible when you think long term and have a decided technological advantage over another people. The cause of the “plague” which wrecked the Volian people is left cloudy but from what we know of the Aschen it’s not unlikely they seeded the world and then came to the rescue, you have to be impressed because without losing a single Aschen life they eventually took over a world and turned it into a bad basket to feed their own people not the few thousand farmers left on the planet.

Feed the world, well not this one…

It was good to have Joseph Flaxon return to the show as the character when married to Sam in 2010 seemed to have been doing all the right things as a partner (allowing for the global conspiracy of silence) and we see the chemistry straight away. Surprisingly it’s also obvious that he gets on well with Jack who is not always welcoming to people fostered onto him let alone someone who take a shine to Sam but I guess the face Sam seemed to like him tempered Jack’s interaction. Mind you Jack once again was the first to voice doubts over the prospect of an alliance and it didn’t help that Kinsey got himself involved and Jack tends to oppose anything that Kinsey supports.

That’s the Jack you don’t mess with.