Nov 222011

GateWorld » Measure of a Man.

Chad talks with Jamil Walker Smith about his time on SGU, his character and what could have been and explores his film project “Make A Movie Like Spike.”







I really enjoyed the character of Greer on SGU, dark and troubled but as we came to see there was something to cheer for beneath all the troubles, his season 2 development was excellent and would I believe have gone on to become one of the focal points of the show.

May 012010

Continuing on from last week we still have the Destiny in FTL while Greer and Co are trapped underground lightyears away. When the ship enters normal space Rush and James start to gate jump back in an effort to reach the planet while after a cave and Greer flashbacks Scott, Eli and Chloe all gate away trying to catch up with Destiny. Now this was a good episode both in how smoothly it flowed by also the ending, the bulking up of Greer’s character with his troubles as a young boy/man explained a lot.

TJ also finally and quite abruptly spilled the beans:)

Key Points..

  • Greer
  • You are Here
  • Choices