Jan 182014

avatar2¬†Infected after his encounter with the young wraith Ellia, John is slowly but surely losing his humanity as his DNA is rewritten to suit the needs of an Iratus hybrid. As his body changes so does his mind and despite himself he becomes a danger to his friends and the city itself and even with Carson and his team dreaming up wild solutions it doesn’t look good for him. Ultimately it’s his new form which allows Carson to gain the genetic material he needs to formulate a cure but it’s costs lives something John will have to come to terms with as will Lorne who commanded the mission and did what was required.

Conversion is a fairly strong episode in the second season and a good companion to the previous episode Instinct but it isn’t great mostly because the story demands a complete solution which is almost a reset at the end of the episode and Stargate stories always work better with consequences always being taken into account. That said we get some good interaction between John and Teyla and even better when he has to deal with Weir, there was always a possibility the writers would have paired either of these two strong women with John and in two different ways we see the potential. It was also fun to see Weir taking on Caldwell but you can’t really criticise him because he was right, maybe not tactful and considerate but that’s the military aspect I guess.

Now now, be gentle John

Now now, be gentle John

Perhaps one of the unintended highlights of the episode was John doing a passable imitation of Spiderman and then the intended light hearted view of Ronon being very cold and calculating when tracking down John which really showed us the differences between a Runner and the human contingent in the city.

They're there for John

They’re there for John

Conversion is worth watching when combined with Instinct, it has issues but we did have fun watching the episode and I think that always makes up for a lot of other issues. This episode of the podcast always includes a short review of the Stargate Atlantis novel “Brimstone” written by David Niall Wilson and¬†Patricia Lee Macomber as well as some upcoming Stargate related birthdates.

Thank you to Brad for joining us on the show and as always a big thank you to everyone who has talked with us or contributed to any of our social media portals, we’re all part of the Stargate family. This weeks promo is for the new Star Trek Original Series podcast “Two To Beam Up” and next week we are back with the Stargate SG1 episode “Prototype” so we hope you can join us for that. Feedback would be greatly appreciated as would an itunes and/or stitcher rating/review, barring that enjoy the show and enjoy Stargate:)