Mar 072015

avatar After another very successful raid against the Lucian Alliance their leader Netan places a bounty on SG1 and thanks to them being tagged during the last raid the galaxies premiere bounty hunters are on their way to Earth to collect. Cameron along with Vala are going to his high school reunion, Daniel is deep in some research at a public library, Teal’c is offworld dealing with some Jaffa issues and Sam is attending a technology conference to demonstrate some of the tech she is “working” on. Meanwhile back in Kansas Vala is making quite the impression on John’s parents and to be honest I think she has been accepted by the mother who maybe sees a bit of a kindred spirit but Cameron is dealing with an old crush and a friend who it seems is more than happy to stir things up a bit.

Vala blends in

Vala blends in

Bounty is again a pretty much standalone episode even though the Lucian Alliance and Netan storyline has been active this season but background to that isn’t required to enjoy this story, we get the whole team having their own little adventures and dealing with the bounty hunters who come for them and eventually the big showdown at Cameron’s high school brings them all together. I think it’s safe to say never have so many NDA’s been issues at one time although no doubt in high school tradition they could get away with saying the punch was spiked even though there surely would have been a licensed bar. Either way there is a lot of fun to be had with the episode, Daniel ducking a femme fatale and Teal’c and Sam a more brute force approach to collecting a bounty but the rise of Odai Ventrell played by Mike Dopud brings the action into focus and we get the unexpected resolution, no doubt a character who may have returned if there had been an eleventh season Mike does return to the franchise in Stargate Universe and a guest spot on Atlantis. It was fun imagining Peter DeLuise has he directed his wife Anne Marie playing Amy Vandenberg to lay a smacker on Cameron and it’s easy to imagine Vala interrupting them had more of a meaning:)

Overall Bounty is an excellent episode, lots of action and humour but as we are coming to the end of SG1 you wonder if more time should have been given over to the ORI resolution and fall out but at this point given we did the movie we can’t complain about the writers and cast getting to have some fun. This weeks promo is for the Dune Saga Podcast and next week we are going to be taking a look at the Atlantis episode The Game, hope you join us.




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