Aug 312013

Ah the joys of watching an older series (well not that old) and seeing a face who is now so very familiar to you thanks to their numerous appearances on Stargate SG1, in this case it’s the one and only Garry Chalk.

Garry played the Russian officer Colonel Chekov in ten episodes of SG1 and before that a small recurring role on The Dead Zone. I’ve not seen the Canadian crime drama Cold Squad but Garry had a starring role in that show appearing in 67 episodes and is a popular actor for voice roles so a well established actor and worthy of being a protagonist in the pilot episode of Eureka. You know how it is, you don’t know what you fancy then a lightbulb appears and you grab a show you haven’t watched for a while and enjoy it so much you wonder why you haven’t rewatched it:)


Eureka is such a show that hasn’t aged, the effects in the pilot are still good and the writing and performances are still enjoyable and interesting looking back after all the changes over the 5 year run of the show. Garry plays Colonel Briggs a US military man charged with some level of oversight of the town of Eureka and charges in for his “I Told You So” moment but is thwarted thanks to some clever or simple ideas from Carter and the use of one or more of the geniuses in the community.


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