Sep 202016

Daniella Evangelista
Daniella played Denya in the Stargate SG1 episode Crusade, she has also guest starred on Blood Ties, Warehouse 13, Special Unit 2, Endgame, Pacific Rim, Hybrids, Her Infidelity and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter Official
Ken Wells
Ken was the head painter for seasons two and three of Stargate SG1 for a combined total of 44 episodes. He has also worked on Catwoman, The Fog, Trapped, Scary Movie and Jumanji. IMDB Official
Elliot Mandelcorn
Elliot Mandelcorn performed under the name Bryan Elliot and played Colonel Raimi in the Stargate SG1 episode Babylon. He has also appeared on Fairly Legal, Fringe, Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow and Shattered and is now in the Vancouver real estate business. IMDB Twitter Official

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