Oct 262012

We have two very big name Stargate birthdays today (27th October) with Robert Picardo and Carmen Argenziano celebrating their births.

Carmen has played Jacob Carter/Selmak in 25 episodes of Stargate SG1 he has also appeared in Castle, Lie To Me, CSI New York and House. IMDB
Robert made his name on Voyager playing the holographic Doctor in a total of 170 episodes. He’s also guest starred seven times on SG1 and once on SGU and was a recurring character in 26 episodes of Atlantis. IMDB 

Also celebrating today is Elias Toufexis who played a Replictor in the Stargate Atlantis double episode “The Return” as well roles on Smallville, Lost Girl, Eureka and The Listener. IMDB

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