Mar 232016

Jason Schombing
Jason was Dr. Robert Rothman in three episodes of Stargate SG1 (The First Ones, Crystal Skull and Forever in a Day) and appeared on Tin Man, Intelligence, Smallville, Alice, Just Cause, The A-Team and Sanctuary. IMDB Twitter
Warren Kimmel
Warren appeared as Dr. Marell on the Stargate SG1 episode Collateral Damage and has been on Supernatural, Package Deal, The Collector and Masters of Horror. IMDB Official
Rob Hayter
Rob is an actor and stuntman, he has played a soldier in the Stargate Universe episode Intervention and been in five episodes of SG1 (Bounty, Memento Mori, Endgame, Affinity and Lifeboat). He has also acted or performed stunts on shows such as Fringe, Smallville, Lucifer, Blood Ties, The 100, When Calls The Heart and Mistresses. Twitter IMDB

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