Apr 062015

Michael Rooker
Michael played Colonel Edwards in the Stargate SG1 episode Enemy Mine and more recently starred as Merle in The Walking Dead quickly becoming a fan favourite. He has also guest starred on Archer, Psych, Burn Notice, Chuck, Thief, Cliffhanger and Jeremiah. IMDB Twitter Official
Deborah Theaker
Deborah appeared once on Stargate SG1 in the episode Citizen Joe playing Charlene Spencer and has also appeared in Joey, Reno 911!, The Burbs, Maniac Mansion, ALF, Bones and Entourage. IMDB
Kathleen Barr
Kathleen voiced Draga in Stargate Infinity and has a huge resume of voice work dating back to 1979 and her first work on Galaxy Express 999 through Spider-Man Unlimited to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. IMDB Behind The Voice

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