Aug 022015

Matthew Del Negro
Matthew played Mike Branton in Sunday the excellent Stargate Atlantis episode and has been in The West Wing, The Sopranos, Mistresses, Rizzoli & Isles, Chicago Fire and was Rafael McCall on Teen Wolf. IMDB Twitter
Kerry James
Kerry played Josh in the Stargate Universe episode Earth and also appeared on Endgame, The Secret Circle, June, Aliens in America and was Caleb Odell on Heartland. IMDB
John MacDonald
John was a stuntman and double on Stargate Continuum and was a member of SG3 on Stargate SG1. He’s also worked on The Dresden Files, Jumper, Nikita, Defiance, Happy Town, Killjoys, Andromeda and Copper both as an actor and stunt performer. IMDB Twitter
Marie-Eve Boudreau
Marie is credited as Alien Reference in the Stargate Universe episode Awakening, she has also appeared on Super BUddies and Primeval New World. Her stunt work includes Sanctuary, Life Unexpected, Once Upon A Time and The Secret Circle. IMDB Twitter

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