Nov 202016

A Look Back At Stargate Atlantis

stargate atlantis

We will be chatting about the Stargate Atlantis series on December the fourth and along with the results of our favourite episode poll we will be covering some simple questions. It will provide a more structured show and with 5 seasons we would end up going all over the place and a show lasting perhaps half a day. We have of course already covered every episode and each season in depth so again specific questions makes more sense.

The plan is that Alan, Mike, Brad and Thomas will be on skype recording the show but hopefully we can get some other responses to the questions to be included in the show. If you do want to let your opinion be heard then reply to this post in the comments section or email us directly.

  • Favourite or Best Episode
  • Favourite Regular Character
  • Favourite Recurring Character
  • Favourite Guest Character
  • Favourite/Best Villain
  • Most disliked Episode
  • Most disliked Character
  • Missed Opportunity (character or plot)
  • Best Piece of Technology (Small and/or Large)



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