Oct 082016

Incursion Part 2

The Lucian Alliance and crew of the Destiny face off in Incursion Part 2, both sides have control of specific areas of the ship and both need/want what the other has. Young and Kiva agree on an exchange of medical and food for civilian hostages. Young is prepared to risk casualties by double crossing Kiva but the power issues intervene blowing the plan apart before it is enacted resulting in a half hearted exchange at best. Kiva then agrees to deal with Camille and a deal is done but alas the body of an executed Cpl Rivers is thrown in underlining how ruthless Kiva can be. Eli and Chloe continue to explore the ship and eventually find an active panel, he contacts the main control center using ancient which Rush recognises.

Destiny thanks to the need to come out of FTL to allow gate access is in the vicinity of a pulsar whose regular output of gamma rays and other exotics is preventing the ship from generating the threshold of energy required to jump away, shields are taking preference. They decide to prioritise shields near the pulsar leaving the ship unprotected elsewhere which will mean less energy required and thus used for the jump engines. The shields however will need manually adjusting on the hull, Scott and Greer are tasked with the job. However to make it happen Young has to give control of the ship to Kiva but is hoping thanks to Telford the transfer can be reversed before any serious consequences.


Incursion Part 2 is a very fitting season finale making the most of the set up in the first half of this series of episodes and delivering action and oodles of suspense and drama. We lose crew and of course the cliffhanger leaves many of the main characters in jeopardy, in fact if contracts hadn’t been sorted before this aired many of the actors could be seriously worried.

There was as you would expect some truly beautiful CGI shots and the stunt work was exceptional no doubt thanks in part to Mike Dopud who started his career as a stuntman, the fight in med bay was intense and brutal and the consequences heart wrenching and maybe the nastiest cliffhanger of them all. Lets not forget Eli and Chloe, a wonderful scene between the two of them which relied on a year’s worth of interaction and emotional ups and downs, credit to both David and Elyse. The final scene was beyond intense and the flickering light and fade to black highly effective in terms of building expectation but going hand in hand with the threat the ship faces from the pulsar. To sum up this was a pretty good episode:)

We would like to thank Brad for joining us once again this week even when these two episodes were recording on the same night.  Brad will return for some bonus content later in the year and for a few episodes of the second season of Universe. This week podcast promo was for the Scifi Diner a long running show full of news, reviews and features hosted by Scott, Miles and M. Next week we’ll be taking a look at the season two premiere of Universe with the episode Intervention, join us and let us know what you think.




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