Oct 012016

Incursion Part 1

The first part of the two parter season 1 final Incursion kicks off where we left the previous episode. Telford is being more or less tortured and eventually dies but that’s what Young must have been waiting for as he is revived and immediately informs Young that the Lucian Alliance are about to launch an assault on the Destiny thanks in part to the contribution of the captured Dr Rush. Carter has flown to the planet housing the Alliance facility but as the attack commences that gate is activated and connects to Destiny. Young has laid a trap but when the chips are down he hesitates and the Alliance soldiers gain a foothold and break out of the gateroom and a running battle begins within the corridors of Destiny. Soon a balance is reached with both forces holding key areas of the ship, negotiations begin made the more urgent by seemingly unexplained power outages and an Alliance soldier being vaporised by some unknown force and of course Camille takes the role of the peacemaker and diplomat which you just know Kiva and Young would both agree is pointless but can be exploited.


Incursion being a two parter is using a lot of its narrative to make way for the pay off in the second episode but that aside this is a riveting episode full of action and drama. It has to be said though that Young failed in his task to protect his people. As Jack pointed out when Sam had to take her ship away from the exploding planet and sacrifice two of her pilots she made the hard call, for one man (well maybe two) Young allowed the Alliance on board and cost far more lives. Commander Kiva played by Rhona Mitra was fantastic, brutal yes but never a wasted action or reaction, she was as proved quite capable of cold blooded murder but when required had the sense to deal, no one reaches command rank in the Alliance by being reckless as we will see next week. Of course we also have a mystery surrounding the death of the Alliance soldier, well he was vaporised and with the power fluctuations we get a wild card in already volatile situation, next week should be fun.

We want to thank Brad for joining us this week and he will return for the second part of this season finale. This week podcast promo was for Generations Geek the father/daughter show which looks at all things Geek in the media so for now we’ll leave Destiny hanging around a galaxy and return next week for the final episode of the first season which promises to be a doozy 🙂




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