Jun 022008

Show notes:
In this, our review about the pilot episode. We have some fun. We Refer to Don S. Davis (General Hammond) as Don West.

Don’t forget we have an ongoing contest. Make a theme for us and win a copy of Stargate: Continuum. The contest ends roughly mid July. The winner will be announced the last episode before the movie comes out.

Tell us what you like and what you hate, email us through the contact us page or call (206) 426-6882.

  3 Responses to “Episode 1 – Children of the Gods.”

  1. Thanks Wesley, we welcome any opinions on Stargate itself, the individual episodes and the podcast in general, good and bad:)

  2. I’m watching the episodes and then listening to the show. Good so far, I’m really liking it. I just watched Emancipation again and can’t wait to hear what you two have to say about *that* stinker.

    I fully plan on calling/emailing in once I catch up with you guys and I’m watching the episodes around the same time you are. For now, though, I’ll keep to the blog comments.

  3. Sweet, I loved the podcast, but it’s sometimes kinda hard to hear what you guy’s are saying.

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