May 122008

Show notes:

Welcome to gatecast, an episode by episode breakdown of the longest continuously running sci–fi show in American tv history.

In this, our pilot episode we breakdown the original source movie and wax geeky about general sci-fi stuff, it’s often off topic but always fun.

We’re early days yet folks, tell us what you like and what you hate, email us through the contact us page or call (206) 426-6882.

Test Link to Mp3

  3 Responses to “Episode 0 – The Movie”

  1. Not too shabby for podcast zero and we do need a solid SG offering, audio clips will add immensely to the cast:)

  2. We plan to. I’ll probably be ripping the audio from my DVDs and cutting out pieces I want to talk about. I don’t know about Alan.

  3. I haven’t finished the whole show yet but I like it. I’m excited to hear you two dig into the series. Will you be adding audio clips to your breakdowns?

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