Mar 192017

Connor Trinneer
Connor played Charles “Trip” Tucker on Star Trek Enterprise and Michael Kenmore on ten episodes of Stargate Atlantis. He has also appeared on NCIS, Criminal Minds, Fairly Legal, 24, Odyssey, Lincoln Heights, The Mentalist, Suits and the upcoming web series Riley Parra. IMDB Twitter

Reese Alexander
Reese played Major Jordan on the Stargate Atlantis episode This Mortal Coil and a Jaffa pilot on Stargate Continuum. He has also been on Fringe, Arrow, Reaper, The Flash and Second Chance. IMDB Twitter Official
Kelly Vint
Kelly was the young Catherine Langford who first appeared in the Stargate movie. She has also been in Thunder Alley, Bellyfruit, Space Jam and Hillbrook Gardens. IMDB

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