Aug 302010

It’s always good to keep tabs on the work of the actors involved in our favourite franchise so lets talk about the American World Pictures adaptation of the comic series “Paradox” starring Kevin Sorbo but featuring a good role for Chris Judge.

The story centers around a murder which takes place on a version of Earth where magic underpins the entire world, everything is done with magic including cell phones, forensics, weapons etc etc and it’s science that is considered the “fringe” belief.
When the murder is committed with no trace of magical input Sean Nault (Kevin) investigates and uses his belief in science to explore avenues others would not consider, aided by his Captain (Chris Judge) and the coroner Helen played by Alisen Down (SGU, BSG, Smallville) and a science practitioner played by Steph Song (Smallville) he discovers a conspiracy which goes beyond his own reality!

I enjoyed this movie and I think any fan of SG1 and SGA (maybe not so much SGU) will enjoy it as well as seeing Chris in a more recent production still looking badass:)

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