Apr 202014

William deVry
William played Aldwin the Tok’ra in five Stargate SG1 episodes and has guest starred on Nikita, Earth:Final Conflict, First Wave, Beauty and the Beast, Hemlock Grove and has long running recurring roles on the mega soaps that are General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful. IMDB  Twitter

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Jan 132014

The very best of Birthday wishes to the following all of who guest starred on Stargate SG1 or Atlantis.
Jill Wagner
Jill played Larrin in two episodes of Atlantis as well as appearing as the lead actress in Blade The Series and a regular in the first season of Teen Wolf. She is currently hosting Total Wipeout USA. IMDB  Twitter
Link Baker
Link appeared twice on Stargate SG1, first as Lt Barber in the episode The Light and then as Artok in Allegiance. He has also appeared on Smallville, Special Unit 2 and Arrow. IMDB

JillWagner LinkBaker











Michael Robinson
Michael played a councilman in the SG1 episode Revisions and also appeared on Lost, Dead Like Me, Reaper and Endgame. IMDB
William B. Davis
William made his name at least to my generation playing the cigarette smoking man in 37 episodes of The X-Files. He also played the Prior Damaris in two episodes of SG1 and guest starred on Smallville, Andromeda and Continuum. Official Site  IMDB  Twitter

MichaelRobinson William_B_Davis

Oct 202013

Many happy returns of the day to Niall Matter best known for his lead roles in Primeval New World and recurring role on Eureka. Niall also appeared twice on Stargate Atlantis as Lt Kemp. IMDB  Twitter  Official Site


A very happy birthday to William Russ, he played the rogue SG1 captain Jonas Hanson in the episode The First Commandment. He’s also had a long running lead role in Boy Meets world and guest starred on Boston Legal, Vegas and Wildfire.  IMDB
Birthday best wishes to George Wyner, he guest starred as Al Martell in the SG1 episode Prometheus as well as guest spots on House, The Mentalist, ER and Desperate Housewives.  IMDB
GeorgeWyner WilliamRuss

Sep 052013

The very best birthday wishes to Peter Wingfield who played Tanith/Hebron in three episodes of Stargate SG1.
He was also the immortal Methos in Highlander and has guest starred on Sanctuary, 24, Touching Evil, Holby City and Caprica.  Twitter
A very happy birthday to William Devane who was excellent as President Hayes in Stargate SG1. He was also the star of the US soap Knots Landing and has appeared in 24, Early Edition, Crumbs and Psych.

Peter Wingfield WilliamDevane

Jul 302013
A Very Happy Birthday to William Atherton on the 30th of July, he played Emissary Varta in the Stargate SG1 episode Collateral Damage. William has had a recurring role on Life and Centennial, guest starred on Castle, Monk and Lost and had strong supporting roles in Ghostbusters and Die Hard.
Many happy returns of the day to Kevin Blatch who was Tobias in Stargate SG1 episode Ex Deus Machina. Kevin has guest starred on Psych, Millennium, The Net and Flash Gordon.
Kevin Blatch WilliamAtherton
Apr 202013

A very happy birthday on April the 20th to William deVry  who played the Tok’ra Aldwin in five episodes of Stargate SG1. He also guest starred in Nikita, Earth Final Conflict,  Beauty and the Beast plus recurring roles on The Bold and the Beautiful and the new Hemlock Grove.


Jan 132013

Another bumper crop of Stargate Birthdays for the 13th of January.

Continuing the trend of strong women in modern genre television is Jill Wagner who will be celebrating today. Jill played the Traveller “Larrin” in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis as well as having a lead role in Blade the series and a recurring role in Teen Wolf as Kate Argent. IMDB

William B Davis appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG1 as well as the mysterious cigarette smoking man in The X-Files, he’s recently guest starred on Continuum. Official Site
Link Baker played two roles on SG1, “Artok” and “Lt Barber” as well as guest spots on Arrow, Heroes and Castle.  IMDB
Michael Robinson who played a councilman in the Stargate SG1 episode Revisions has his birthday today, he also appeared in MacGyver and the under rated movie The Frighteners as
the town deputy. IMDB

Happy Birthday Guys


Oct 202012

A very happy birthday for October 20th to these three actors who have guest starred on Stargate…

Many happy returns on the 20th to George Wyner who guest starred in the Stargate SG1 episode “Prometheus” as Al Martell and  also a way back as a regular on Hill Street Blues. IMDB

Birthday best wishes to William Russ who played Captain Jonas Hanson in Stargate SG1 “The First Commandment” and a Sam love interest so we all know what happened there:) IMDB

Finally a very happy birthday to Niall Matter who played Lt Kemp in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis, he also played Zane on Eureka and stars in the upcoming sequel Primeval New World. IMDB


Sep 052012
September 5th Birthdays
Happy Birthday to William Devane who played President Hayes in three episodes of Stargate SG1. A popular and busy actor who made his name in the US soap Knots Landing before getting regular spots on Turks, Crumbs, 24 and more recently Dark Knight Rising.

Many Happy returns to Peter Wingfield who chewed up the scenery playing Tanith who ended up being a personal adversary of Teal’c and all round nasty piece of work:) Peter has a recurring role in the Highlander series as well as spots on 24, Sanctuary, Holby City and Caprica.

Jul 302012

Many happy returns on the 30th of July to the actor William Atherton who celebrates his birth, he played Varta in the season 9 SG1 episode Collatoral Damage and you will certainly know his face from his roles in Die Hard and Ghostbusters. For “b” movie fans he recently starred as the naughty developer in Jersey Shore Shark Attack:)


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