Apr 162016


Picture this, the desert just outside of Las Vegas and a police cordon surrounding a desiccated body, a car roars up and Detective John Sheppard arrives to continue the investigation into a string of murders. A number of bodies have been turning up and it looks like the life has been drained from them, a strange radiation residue is on each and a hand print on their chests, for the viewers the alarm bells are ringing but there is a twist. Vegas is the first Stargate episode which takes place fully in an alternate reality (similar to the Enterprise episode Through a Mirror Darkly) and for a brief amount of time the viewer could be convinced John is back on Earth in an undercover roles but no this is another Earth and all our favourite characters (minus the Pegasus derived Teyla and Ronon) are here but not quite the same. In many ways the episode sticks out like a sore thumb and certainly polarises the audience thanks to the production style and music choices but it does still fit into the season/series with direct links to plot elements explored previously. I’m not going into to much detail plot wise because this is an episode if you haven’t seen then you should and if you haven’t seen it since it aired it’s well worth going back too, trust me:)

Vegas (30)

Vegas also allowed the producers to get many of the crew and familiar former cast members into the show, again a pity Jason and Rachel didn’t appear but we did get Gary Jones, Neil Jackson,  Jody Thompson, Christopher Heyerdahl, Paul Jarrett and Carmen Moore on screen. Cameos included Joel Goldsmith, Charles Cohen,  Roy Winston, Todd Brunson and of course Brad Wright.

Many thanks to Matthew for joining Alan on this episode, audio issues appeared late in the day meaning they couldn’t be addressed so apologies for the quality but we’re sure we can solve that before Matthew returns for an episode of Universe sometime in the future. This weeks podcast promo is for Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV and next week we are going to be discussing the series finale “Enemy at the Gate” and didn’t that come around fast?




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May 142013

Christopher Heyerdahl made his requisite guest starring role on Vegas in the episode Unfinished Business playing Cal Sprouse which aired May the 3rd on CBS. Alas the series has been cancelled after one season and now I’ve only the season/series finale left to watch and it’s a bit of a shame, Vegas had an excellent cast and production quality.


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