Feb 182017

Twin Destinies

The episode title Twin Destinies hints at this story which begins with the Destiny is badly damaged from the recent conflict with the drones and the use of a star to power the 9th chevron dialing is once again addressed as Eli claims to have made a breakthrough with the work he did with Ginn. He uses the communication stones to exchange with Dr Lee and the attempt is given the green light. Rush is opposed to the attempt citing all the possible things that could go wrong with the chaotic variables they will be manipulating. Young allows Rush to present his thoughts to the crew and as we see there are enough people willing to stay onboard and continue the mission despite the state of the ship. As they fly towards a star they receive a signal from a shuttle approaching Destiny, onboard is Dr Nicholas Rush who reveals he has travelled backwards in time and his Destiny is dead in space and the crew gone. We learn that a solar flare intersected the wormhole and only one person made it back to Earth but there is a ship out there with spare parts, food, medicine and weapons and the opportunity has to be taken to bolster this timelines Destiny although one Rush may be one too many.

Twin Destinies

Well it’s true you can never have too much Robert Carlyle and he went to town in the episode and also credit to Lou Diamond Phillips who as Telford was the only person to get home portrayed the survivors guilt and anger towards Rush with style. An unexpected conclusion to both characters but when you have a spare then you can always offer up a good death scene without taking away future potential story lines. This episode also saw the final appearance of Bill Dow (Dr Lee) and the final sole writing credit for Brad Wright whose current series Travelers will return for a second season.

Our continued thanks to Brad for making the time to record with us over skype from Australia and for sending in this weeks feedback for last weeks episode “Deliverance”. The promo played in the episode was for Nutty Bites a podcast hosted by¬†Nuchtchas, always entertaining and often informative and surprising. Next week we are going to be joined by Ian for the episode “Alliances” and we hope you too can join us as we continue the journey along with Destiny.



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