Jan 162016

In The Shrine Rodney McKay develops a degenerative brain condition and within days his mental faculties decline with startling abruptness. Initially they believe a mission to a failed research camp which had been destroyed by a flood coupled with spending hours soaking wet and cold on top of the Stargate was the root cause but only Rodney was affected. However Jennifer with help from the Pegasus natives identifies the condition as “Second Childhood” a known condition in the Pegasus galaxy which is caused by a parasite that embeds itself in the brain and creates similar symptoms as Alzheimer’s. Jeannie is brought to Atlantis to say her goodbyes to Rodney and Ronon approaches her with his own experience of the condition which had affected his grandfather.  It seems there is a shrine that has the capability to nullify the symptoms for one day allowing the sufferer to spend quality time with their family and friends. Jeannie decides to take Rodney to this Shrine despite Jennifer’s scientific doubts but they have to get past the Wraith outpost, fortunate the Wraith are a little dumb or complacent.
The Shrine

When they enter the Shrine it’s effect is felt quickly and Rodney regains his sensors, he is alarmed at the news but Jennifer identifies the radiation source being emitted from the Ancient device in the cave. She correctly speculates that this causes the parasite to shrink (for a time) but maybe with it in a tightly controlled area of the brain the option to surgically remove it although with limited tools it will require a lot of skill and some luck.

The Shrine is considered one of the best episodes of Stargate Atlantis and a firm fan favourite, it also gains a lot of praise for David who gave us a Rodney McKay so very different than what we were accustomed too, it was also interesting to see the dynamic between Pegasus folklore and Earth scientific method clash although that was more for effect than a plot element that was going to be explored in depth. It was also great to see Kate return to the show for her final appearance as Jeannie Miller and it was heart breaking to and inspiring to see Rodney confess his feelings to Jennifer even if he needed the security blanket of a video recording to express himself.

Many thanks to Andrew who joined my early one sunday (Alan was at a convention) and he will be returning next week for the episode Whispers. This weeks podcast promo is for Tuning Into Scifi TV so click the link and pay them a visit. Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen to the bonus shows over the holidays and once again thanks to all those that voted in the poll, the Stargate box of goodies is on it’s way to Jodi in New York 🙂




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