Oct 242015

avatar2 John returns to Atlantis but not quite the one he intended, the sky is blood red casting ominous shadows across the city and as he walks to a balcony he sees the infinite desert shimmering under a sun very different to the one he left behind earlier that day. John calls across the cities communications channels and someone that sounds very much like Rodney replies that it worked he gets directions to the hologram room and is met be a much older Rodney who drops the bombshell that John has travelled 48,000 years into the future and may be the last human in this galaxy and maybe the universe. Rodney goes onto explain the events which occurred after John went missing including the loss of Teyla, the widespread use of the Hoffan drug and the galaxy spanning assault on the Wraith by Michael’s hybrids. Atlantis was eventually abandoned but not before Ronon died in battle and Sam with the command of her own Starship losing her command and life when taking out three hives. Jennifer passed thanks to the constant exposure to the Hoffan drug which spurred McKay to really explore the possibility of reaching across time to aid John in the hopes that information could be provided which would alter the events and save millions of lives.

TheLastMan (5)

The Last Man is an epic season finale which deals with the manipulation of a timeline to change events which lead to what amounted to incredibly negative consequences. Rodney for all his posturing made it pretty clear the need to give Jennifer a chance of life was his driving force although you can’t really blame him for not devoting his life to a very far fetched attempt to rescue John. The episode contained some very beautiful visual effects and yet didn’t scrimp on character pieces, this is an episode that strikes a perfect balance in a series nay franchise that always set a standard.

A big thank you to Thomas for joining us for this fourth season finale and the podcast promo for a show on my ipod playlist is The Babylon Project, they are on a hiatus at the moment but will return. Next week it’s the season wrap up show along with the results for the poll, we hope you join us for that:)



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