Mar 182017

The Hunt

In this weeks episode The Hunt a small opportunity to visit a welcoming world full of resources and wildlife, a deer like animal is sighted and Greer has a hankering for a good old fashioned BBQ but is unable to pull the trigger, it seems his recent emotional roller coaster has taken it’s toll on the hell for leather soldier. Something seems to spook the “deer” and then Scott is attacked and again Greer fails to fire which allows the “beast” to rampage through the nearby camp causing some injuries. TJ and Cpl Reynolds are missing and they are believed to have been taken by this huge predator, they have little look tracking the beast until Varro and the remaining Lucian Alliance soldiers offer their services being more familiar with the more day to day requirements of living off the land. The tracking party are however led into a trap clearly indicating this “beast” has intelligence and with more injuries Varro and Greer go on alone eventually locating TJ and using explosives distract the alien pack reach the cave. They find TJ and Reynolds along with this intelligent creature and Greer lowers his weapon in the belief that the animal recognises the threat and the removal of said threat, the animal backs off and lets them all leave. Meanwhile Brody has been locked in a stasis pod they recently found, Eli thinks he screwed up but it was actually Rush who was proving a point when it comes to jumping feet first into alien technology, a day later Brody is released in time for the Space Deer BBQ hosted by Becker with help from Varro who is now even closer to TJ than before.

The Hunt
The Hunt is pretty much as standalone episode no doubt written and prepared long before they knew of the shows cancellation so while it may seen like a wasted opportunity it’s understandable why the show was willing to tell this sort of story. The cutting of some TJ backstory doesn’t help but we do get some good character development between Varro and TJ and it’s a shame he ends up being the only Lucian soldier left on the ship, I would have liked to have seen more of Tasia played by Kyra Zagorsky who also appeared in the Atlantis episode Reunion. The CGI and location shooting were top notch as you would expect with this production and the issues Greer was dealing with give a lot more weight to his character. The “b” plot as it were dealing with the reveal of the stasis pods and Brody getting trapped in one provided the levity the episode needed and if for nothing else watching Rush smile as his made the younger scientists dance to his tune was a delight.

Our thanks to Ian for taking the time to join us over skype to talk Stargate and he’ll be back for the episode Blockade. This weeks podcast promo is for The SciFi Diner and next week we are joined by Miles one of the hosts of that show for the episode Common Descent, we hope you can join us too.




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