Sep 242016


As you would expect from the title Subversion there are secrets and lies surrounding Destiny and the former Icarus project. The surprise attack on Icarus base was never fully explained but after Rush dreams of Telford having secret meetings after sharing the communication stones it becomes clear. Young is not totally convinced Rush is being truthful but agrees to allow him to take Telford’s place and investigate the Colonel but he also talks to General O’Neill about his suspicions and he in turn tasks Daniel (one man he can trust) to follow Rush. Meanwhile back on Destiny TJ is having a baby shower but when Telford arrives his sombre presence dampens things down but even with Camille’s support he is unable to prevent Young from pressing him on his undercover activities and the revelation of the communication stones side effects on people who shared Telford’s body. Rush makes contact with Lucian Alliance members on Earth and unable to supply credible ID is zapped and flown off world in a cloaked cargo ship and eventually arrives at a world which has the same Naquadah deposits as Icarus and a gate making it possible to dial Destiny if the calculations are precise.


Kiva having tortured “Telford” and learning it is really Rush now expects him to complete the research for dialing Destiny, she orders the death of her own “expert” for well no longer being useful so plenty of incentive for Nicholas and while Varro shows him some compassion he admits that he will do the deed if Kiva requests it. Telford is also being aggressively interrogated onboard Destiny and Jack pays them a visit and Telford finally cracks and reveals his duplicity, yes it was under the thrall of brainwashing tech but the admission lets Young off his leash and he orders the air to be pumped out of Telfords room…

Well what can you say about Subversion, great to see some of the SG1 cast making guest appearances and we begin to understand some of the behind the scenes events that led to the fall of Icarus. A little concerned how the Lucian Alliance can infiltrate Earth so easy and Teford being undiscovered for so long. We had some very nice moments with TJ which were pretty much the only “nice” things about this story to balance out the heavy and emotive drama going on with Telford and Rush. Rhona was kickass as Commander Kiva and we’re getting get a lot more of her next week when well the proverbial really hits the fan.

As always our thanks to our third voice on the episode, this week it was Ian that joined us and a big thank you to everyone that listens to the show and who have interacted with us on social media in it’s many forms. This weeks promo is for Continuing Missions a Star Trek Voyager podcast from the Trekmate network and next week we are going to be watching the first episode in the three part story which straddles season 1 and season 2 so we hope you join us for Incursion Part 1.



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