Jan 102016

Suanne Braun to play Mrs Meers in 48 Hour Millie!



Source: Showtime Challenge – 48-Hour Musicals – Suanne Braun to play Mrs Meers in #48HourMillie!

Nov 172014

Suanne Braun and Alaina Huffman interviewed during the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne by Nerdzilla, many thanks to ABC for allowing the embedding of their interview.

Jan 192014

Suanne Braun (Hathor) provides the vocals for the song All Night from the album Caught in the Loop by the South African group Goldfish. Official Site

Nov 112013

Our own goddess Suanne Braun is playing the evil some would say wicked Queen in the 2013/14 Winchester Pantomime “Snow White” and may I say quite often the wicked ones are by far the most interesting:)

Theatre Royal launches Winchester’s 2013 Christmas pantomime (From Hampshire Chronicle).