Jan 112014

avatar On this final bonus episode at least for now we are taking a look at an episode of the Canadian childrens series Goosebumps, you may ask why and the answer is simple as the episode “It Came From Beneath The Sink” features Amanda Tapping and Katharine Isabelle and was directed by David Winning. The series was based on the novels of R. L. Stine and offered four seasons of horror themed stories to add that little bit of spice to a young person’s television viewing, not intended for really young children but spooky and scary enough for those who recognised that television wasn’t real.

Goosebumps (1)

In “It Came From Beneath The Sink” a family move into a new home and the daughter discovers a strange sponge like creature resident in the house, it quickly proves itself to be anything but a playful pet and thanks to a little research by a young friend of the family and a disastrous attempt to rope in the schools science teacher the type of creature is discovered and a way to fight it is found which gives you a sort of happy ending. The show despite the spooky element has a lot of humour and this episode makes full use of the nerdy friend and lovable family pet “killer” who has more sense than any of the humans.

Eat your Vegetables

Eat your Vegetables

Amanda Tapping plays the mother of the family and it’s a pretty small supporting role, a young Katharine Isabelle is the lead in the episode and plays her part well and the episode is directed by David Winning who also directed the Stargate Atlantis episode “Childhoods End”.

Many thanks to Brad who joined me for this episode as Alan was doing his Discworld convention thing and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the holiday season by listening to the bonus shows, next week we go back to our regular Stargate shows with the Atlantis episode “Conversion”. Thanks for the feedback especially Brad and Dan for the voicemails and we would love to hear from you about our show and more importantly Stargate in all it’s flavours. If you fancy helping the podcast then an itunes review and/or rating would be much appreciated, same goes for stitcher and a simple tweet or mention on an social media portal would be most welcome.

One final mention for Brad who recorded a review of the Big Finish Stargate Atlantis audio drama entitled “A Necessary Evil” which was for an intended review show which never came about, the review was added to this show and the Big Finish productions are well worth checking out.