Apr 302011

 A young boy mysteriously arrives on Abydos and claims to be the Harcesis the child born to Apophis and Share who Daniel had been searching for since the death of his wife and his meeting with Oma Desala. Convinced that they can use the boys genetic knowledge of the Goa’uld to help in the fight Daniel tries to recruit the boy and to convince Daniel that no good can come of having the knowledge of the system lords linked as it is with millennia of evil he allows Daniel to catch a glimpse of what the results could be.

Absolute Power is pretty much a underlining full stop to the long running arc of Daniels search for his wife and everything that spiralled out from that although Oma Desala will continue to play a part in future stories but this part of Daniels quest is over. As before they wrote the character of a being (Shifu) with incredible knowledge and awareness mixed with the buddist/zen approach very well and it entertainingly clashes with the Earth human and even Tok’ra view points.

Is that Elvis?

Absolute Power felt like a big episode, multiple locations and some nice sets coupled with familiar guest stars and a quite large supporting cast and no doubt the story had a lot of depth which certainly came across well. We have returning characters in the form of General Vidrine, the Tok’ra Aldwin and good old Kasuf with a nice bunch of evil minions (Yee Jee Tso, Jenn Forgie and Barbara Fixx) and even a real news reporter (Coleen Christie).