Jul 122014

avatar Welcome to our wrap up show for the ninth season of Stargate SG1 which we completed a few weeks ago, this wrap up show just takes a general look at the 20 episodes in that season and we have a little natter about them, Brad does join us part way through but too late to provide is with one of the marathon length shows three of us talking Stargate tends to provide:) We also have the results of the listener poll for the favourite episode from season 9 and we thank everyone who took a second to click on the links and choose their episode and in the spirit of supporting our show and more importantly Stargate check out our presences over on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+ and get involved with like minded fans of the show:)



Poll Results…

  1. Ripple Effect   17
  2. Stronghold     8
  3. Beachhead     7
  • Total Votes   64