Jul 032016

Rae Allen
Rae played Dr Barbara Shore in the original Stargate feature film, she has also been in Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Soap, NYPD Blue, Reign Over Me, The Fearing Mind and Grey’s Anatomy. IMDB
Rick Morwick
Mitch was an uncredited stuntman in the SG1 pilot Children of the Gods and played an Unas in the SG1 episode Demons. He has also worked on The Sentinel, First Wave, True Justice and Masters of Horror as well as acting on Slither, Unthinkable and The X-Files. IMDB
Scottie Watson
Scottie is a Graphic Novel and Comic Book Artist and has worked on the Stargate Atlantis Return To Pegasus which is an ongoing series. He has also worked on Dead Reckoning and his own Talon. Official Twitter