May 182013

avatar2 Jack returns from buying beer to find Kinsey has broken into his home and is drinking his booze and as you would expect Jack has his gun drawn and while he doesn’t shoot him he his happy to call the cops. Kinsey then lays down the reasoning he has approached Jack and when the fate of the planet is at stake Jack never fails to meet the challenge. It seems that Trust are once again making a move and they need Kinsey for some sort of secret mission so a sting is arranged with the SGC monitoring the meeting which of course blows up in their faces, big time.

Full Alert is the final episode for Robert Kinsey played wonderfully by Ronny Cox over the span of eleven episodes and while he has a decent role in this episode it is a little bit of a let down as a farewell to his character. That aside the story adds to the political and conspiracy aspect of Stargate which takes more of a central stage in the final two seasons, some people appreciated that added depth others not so much.

Who wouldn't trust this face?

Who wouldn’t trust this face?

Daniel has a bit of fun when he returns to Russia in an attempt to contact a senior General and it’s quite good to see him all dressed up and it seems mildly flirtatious with Captain Voronkova. It’s rather an ingenious plot as the Gou’ald avoid a direct attack and work from within the Trust to influence high level military and political figures in the US and Russia with the goal to provoke a nuclear exchange. It may sound rather dry and yes there is a lot of talking heads but we also get some decent action in orbit as the Prometheus seeks out the cloaked Al’kesh which mounts an attack in the hopes of killing the captured Kinsey who does make his escape.
The Prometheus really does need to up it’s game in terms of security.

Daniel's having second thoughts about the mission.

Daniel’s having second thoughts about the mission.

Full Alert is a solid episode within a series rewatch but not so much for a one off viewing, at least for me but it has it’s good moments and has a strong guest cast which bumps up the overall viewing experience. We had some audio feedback from Dan this week, it came out of the blue so that was a nice surprise even though it seems the Ronon figure has done a runner, which is rather fitting. This weeks promo is from Tuning Into Scifi TV and next week we are back on Atlantis with the excellent episode Before I Sleep.