May 062014

Carlos Lochu
Carlos played Anubis in the 1994 Stargate movie and has also appeared on Baywatch Spy Hard and LA Heat. IMDB
Robert Clarke
Robert appeared twice on SG1 as a scientist in the episodes Avalon Part 1 and Redemption Part 2. He has also guest starred on Psych, The 4400, Hell’s Rain and Defiance. IMDB
Kavan Smith
Kavan played Major Evan Lorne on both Stargate SG1 and Atlantis, he also had a recurring role on Eureka as Deputy Andy and also on Rogue as Travis as well as spots on Almost Human, The 4400 and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter
Kyle Cassie
Kyle was on Stargate SG1 in two episodes playing two different roles, first as an Eurondan Soldier in The Other Side and then Reynolds in Prometheus. He has also guest starred on Andromeda, The Dead Zone, True Justice and Arctic Air. IMDB Twitter Official Site

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