Oct 222016


Well the titles says it all, in the aftermath of the defeated assault by the Lucian Alliance the crew have to come to terms with the loss of some of their comrades and the unexpected visitors locked up in a store room. Some members of the alliance forces are co-operating by explaining the reasoning behind their attack on Destiny while others are still looking to cause trouble. All ready there are rumblings of discontent amongst the expedition members over the resources being used on the captives but the IOA and others want to interrogate them as trouble seems to be brewing back in the Milky Way.


Rush has eventually determined the location of the ship’s bridge and in typical fashion doesn’t tell anyone else, he is confronted by a representation of his wife and Franklin who may be hallucinations or avatars of the ship’s AI but either way Rush is making decisions with little thought of the people involved. He brings the ship out of FTL near a planet with a locked off gate and proclaims it safe to visit via the shuttle even though there is extremely high turbulence in the atmosphere. Of course the shuttle crashes and Riley is critically injured and trapped in the wreckage, the gate as well is missing but turns up buried under what was perhaps a landslide and they are unable to return to the ship before the Destiny jumps away.

Rush is confident that when the Destiny re-enters normal space the planet’s gate will still be in range and meanwhile they continue to dig the gate out eventually relying on explosives to clear the bulk of the debris. Once uncovered the Destiny does indeed dial the planet and the team are rescued and Young informed of Riley. He visits Riley and the two men share a moment and Riley makes it clear he knows he will die where he lies and makes it clear he does not want anyone to risk themselves by staying behind and asks Young to help him die. The silence passes by and as the unspoken words pass between them the Colonel suffocates Riley and then slowly exists the ship and announces the passing of the young officer.

On board Destiny the Colonel gets a list via Telford of the members of the alliance the IOA and Homeworld want to continue to talk too, the rest of the alliance members are gated to the planet where it has to be said they will probably die. The Destiny jumps away now minus the last remaining shuttle which could be a problem since they have come in very useful so far.

Our thanks to Thomas for joining us for this episode, we recorded two episodes that evening so next week he will be back. Brad sent us in some audio feedback via email which we will spread out across the relevant episodes, gratitude for taking the time. This weeks promo was for Flash Pulp from Skinner Co and next week as mentioned Thomas will be back for the episode Awakening so join us for that and if you have any comments/feedback we would love to hear from you.