Feb 042017


In the mid-season finale Resurgence the Destiny detects at extreme long range something that peaks Rush’s interest, given how focused he has been on the “mission” it’s surprising he is the one calling for the ship to alter course to investigate. When they arrive at this part of the galaxy they find  a wreckage strewn area of space, sensors indicate at least 5 starships were destroyed, once is still fairly intact so a shuttle is sent over to board the ship, Greer and Brody get to don the space suits.

Suddenly a number of objects power up within the debris field and on board Destiny Eli thanks to a computer simulation realises that some of the debris is not as advertised and contain dormant power sources now activating. These small vessels zoom towards Destiny, the ship powers up shields and weapons and attempts to communicate, the response is sudden and violent as the ship comes under fire from these very fast moving drones. The ship looks doomed that an unexpected visitor arrives in the shape of a Seed Ship, together they jump away from the area and Colonel Telford gets to tell his story and how he has been spending his time alone with a bunch of aliens on the seed ship.

Resurgence is quite an important episode as it introduces the main antagonist for the remainder of the second season, we also get the return of Telford and more information on the Ursini and the realities of this area of the galaxy. There are some spectacular CGI scenes in the episode with the Ursini ship, the wreckage field and the fast movers of this mysterious alien race who shoot first and never even worry about asking questions. As expected with a mid-season finale the cliffhanger is strong but unsurprisingly not that “edge of the seat” experience, Destiny is not going to get destroyed and no individual character was in particular dire straits.

Overall a very strong and entertaining episode of Stargate Universe and we don’t have to wait a few months for the conclusion of this particular story. Our thanks to Thomas for joining us over skype from the states and he will return next week for Deliverance. Thank you to Mack for the feedback over on google plus and my appreciation for British Invaders podcast for continued entertainment for when I am working, their promo is featured this week. We hope you tune in next week to find out if the Destiny survives and the consequences of Chloe’s actions and of course we’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode or anything Stargate.



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