Sep 052015

avatar2¬†A biohazard warning is triggered in the city which seals every room to counter the contagion leaving a number of people trapped together and things continue to go spectacularly wrong as the day progresses leaving Radek to save the day. Yeah Quarantine¬†doesn’t sound overly impressive but this episode is all about the characters and relationships built amongst the people of Atlantis. We do get some physical exploits from John and as mentioned Radek but these are just the icing on the cake of what turns out to be a very strong episode probably designed to save some money using the standard sets and main cast with one of two guest actors.

Quarantine (14)
Short and sweet this week as I’m pretty much rushed for time but this was one episode that deserved some extra time devoted to it, it is perhaps one of the more understated episodes of the series especially coming towards the end of the fourth season when we’ve got a good idea of how the main characters think and would react to various situations. While we know what’s on the way it was a shame to see the ties being cut between Rodney and Katie, they were a good couple although I suspect she was enabling him more than allowing him to grow, good for him in some ways but also has it’s downside if he is to become more than he is at the moment.

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This weeks podcast promo is for Generations Geek a father/daughter show looking at tv, book and movies that are of interest to you and me and next week we are going to be joined by Thomas for the episode Harmony, we had a good time watching that.



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