Aug 232014

avatar The Pegasus Project is a Stargate SG1 and Atlantis crossover under the SG1 banner and finally Daniel Jackson gets to visit Atlantis and the rest of the gang come along for the ride apart from a certain Jaffa who has another mission to perform in the milky way. Daniel and Vala make use of the the holographic database and surprisingly get the answer they are looking for which is puzzling to Daniel since there should be no way that the database would have records of planets named after the fall of the city. While they puzzle this out Sam and Cameron on board the Odyssey fly to a black hole and seed a gate close to the event horizon and they hope by detonating a nuke it will cause the destination gate to jump it’s wormhole to the nearby Super Stargate created by the ORI, yes this is where Teal’c has gone too in a cargo ship.

TPP (21)

Big, Bigger and Freaking Huge!

The experiment fails but shows potential so they all stick around and try again but on long range sensors an ORI ship is detected and unbeknown to the Odyssey a Wraith ship is closing on them but so close to the black hole they can not see it coming so when it opens up they get caught by surprise. So Teal’c is playing hide and seek from an ORI ship and the Odyssey is running from a Wraith ship but as it closes in on the Black hole it’s systems start to fail and they are able to beam a nuke on board, it detonates and the energy also hits the gate and transfers through the wormhole and jumps to the Super Stargate whose kerwoosh destroys the ORI ship, two for one:)

The Pegasus Project is an excellent episode not only for combining the two shows but also ramping up the CGI and action to really keep the pace high and even when it’s talking heads the dialogue is sharp and witty making the most of the new dynamic between the two character groups, it’s hilarious as Rodney gets talked about, talked over and basically made fun of by well almost everyone. It was also interesting to meet another ascended being who is once again constrained within the limitations imposed by her people, we mention the Q but they seem to have a lot more leeway but more of the ascended when the ORI really come close to achieving their goals.

Thanks to Brad for joining us for this show, we had skype issues so we may have lost some of the discussion but I think I was able to fill in the gaps and keep everyone entertained, let us know if you disagree:)
Also check out Futura Memoratia by Jennifer Foehner Wells, I’ve been meaning to review the novel length piece of Stargate Atlantis fan fiction for a while and since they show ran short it was a perfect time.
Thank you to Mack for the feedback over on Google + and Brad over on Facebook, continued amazement how busy twitter is, lots of Stargate chat and news and well worth keeping an eye on, some great people making use of twitter to share all manner of things about Stargate. This weeks promo is for the Star Trek original series podcast Two To Beam Up and next week we are back with just the Atlantis crew in the episode “Irresistible” we hope you join us.




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