Dec 092016

Beau Bridges
Beau played General Hank Landry in the ninth and tenth seasons of Stargate SG1 as well as appearing on Stargate Atlantis. He has also had recurring roles on My Name is Earl, Franklin & Bash, The Agency, Bloodline, The Millers and Masters of Sex. IMDB Twitter

Reiko Aylesworth
Reiko played Sharon Walker in three episodes of Stargate Universe (Life, Pathogen & Sabotage) and before that she starred on 24 appearing in 64 episodes as Michelle Dessler and had recurring guest roles on Hawaii Five-0, ER, Damages, Revolution and Lost. IMDB

Sebastian Spence
Sebastian appeared on Stargate as the Tok’ra Delek in the SG1 episode Death Knell but was the star of First Wave and had a recurring role on Battlestar Galactica as well as guest spots on
Smallville and Endgame, he starred as Cliff Harting in Cedar Cove. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice

George Touliatos
George had two guest spots on Stargate SG1 as Pyrus in Need and Shamda in Fallen as well as appearing in the movie This Means War and guest starring on Supernatural, John Doe and The Sentinel.       IMDB Behind The Voice
Patti Allan
Patti appeared just the once on Stargate in the episode Chain Reaction playing Mrs Kinsey. She has also been on The X-Files, Ed, The 4400, Dead Like Me, Fringe and Supernatural. IMDB

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