Nov 052016


Pathogen is a rather disturbing title for an episode more so for scifi but in this case it bodes extra specially for whatever is growing within Chloe and in part for Eli’s mother who is suffering from the accidental contraction of HIV. Maryanne Wallace is of course only aware of her son working with the US military at some undisclosed location but with no direct contact she is depressed and no longer taking her medication. In short she has given up ever seeing Eli again and without him she sees little to live for when everyday is a fight with the disease she carries in her blood. Chloe is becoming more and more suspect and in the eyes of many untrustworthy but as it happens Rush finds a way to not only use her to advance his agenda but hide the fact he is able to manipulate the Destiny at least upto a point.


Eli is allowed to visit Earth to try to form a bond with his mother but obviously without giving the game away and even when he does blurb she doesn’t buy the uber scifi narrative this strange guy is dishing out. Meanwhile Camille who is acting as intermediary is also taking the opportunity to visit Sharon who it’s obvious is having serious issues herself, a manic personality and increased alcohol consumption. When Eli finally reaches out to Camille she acts and forces the IOA and Homeworld into allowing a visit to Destiny by Maryanne and in that sequence is dare anyone not to get teary eyed as she finally sees her son in the flesh and wanders around the Destiny and absorbs every moment with her child. Eli for his part is back to the little boy hanging on to his mother’s dress for dear life and this simple act by Camille solves at least this problem. Perhaps the unexpected bonus was that Sharon meets up with Maryanne later which gives both of them a confident and anchor to share their troubles which also shows that at least Camille while being stubborn and opinionated at terms at least is not corrupt, she couldn’t give herself the privilege of have Sharon visit her but for another who needed it then she the power she had.

Pathogen also gave us some very good moments with Simeon as his presences becomes more intense and we get both Greer and Varro making moves to contain the threat but unfortunately nothing much is being done but we can’t help but feel it should be obvious that Simeon is faraway from being the cooperative soldier that his fellow alliance members are. I said in the podcast I wasn’t sure if I really liked this episode, there was some very good scenes and situations but there wasn’t that clear cut “great episode” feeling about it, perhaps as mentioned it was meant to put the viewer on edge and if so Robert as a first time director did it proud.

If you have listened to this episode of the podcast then you know we had some technical issues, most of my dialogue has to be replaced and alas it wasn’t always done well. Unfortunately next weeks episode will suffer from the same fate but then we found the problem and resolved it so bare with us. Our thanks to Brad for the feedback and to Steve for giving us his time for the show, always appreciated. This weeks promo is for British Invaders and next week we are going to be taking a look at Cloverdale, hope you join us.

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