May 032014

avatar Various planets around the galaxy are reporting a raising concern of Kassa which is a vegetable currently very popular thanks to it’s inherent addictive properties and the question is asked if this is a naturally occurring resource being exploited by a criminal enterprise or perhaps a round about way for the ORI to disrupt and manipulate populations that are not already within their fold. SG1 go undercover to P6G-452 a known producer of Kassa and in a rather short sighted move Cameron decides to pose as a buyer and attempt to gain the contact information of someone higher up the kassa producing food chain. It goes badly and SG1 has to aggressively retreat to the Stargate which then is beamed away by an unknown third party leaving them to be tortured for information they do not have. General Landry talks to the captured Goa’uld  Nerus who reveals that he had been working on an idea to reprogram stargates to create an independent network that could not be directly accessed via the existing galaxy spanning system, it seems that Ba’al has begun implementing such a system by stealing gates for the new network. The Odyssey is sent to rescue SG1 even though it’s still under going it’s flight trials but they recover the team and thanks to the General tagging Nerus with a tracker within a cupcake they are able to find the location of Ba’al and a mission is launched to recover the gates but they find themselves in the middle of a shooting war between Ba’al’s ship and three Lucian Alliance ships and time is running out.

I think they are surrounded!

I think they are surrounded!

Off The Grid is an action packed adventure for SG1 including gun battles on the planet and yes they get captured although it has to be said you don’t really plan for the Stargate to vanish during your tactical withdrawal. The CGI ship battles in space looked excellent and it’s always been great to see the running fire fights along the corridors of a Ha’tak. The General deserves a lot of credit in this episode, he made the decision to send the Odyssey an unproven ship and manipulated Nerus who isn’t stupid just has quite a large blind spot when it comes to certain aspects of his life. Cliff Simon once again rocks as Ba’al the system lord with all the charm and smoothness the bad guys in any story should have in spaces and of course we know that seeing him die really isn’t the end of his tale.

Many thanks to Brad for joining us for this episode and thanks to everyone who posted feedback over on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter feeds. This weeks promo of for The Anomaly Podcast and next week we return to Atlantis for the episode The Long Goodbye and don’t forget to vote in the favourite episode polls, the time frame has been extended.




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