Nov 162015

who played Netan on Stargate SG1 appearing on the second episode of the new Supergirl “Stronger Together” as the fiendish Commander Gor.

Nov 152014

avatar2 The Odyssey arrives at the coordinates of a reported ORI supergate but they only discover a neutron star which affects the ships shields and sensors and then they come under attack by three alien starships, they evade but run into a minefield, a mayday is sent to the SGC who then lose contact. Onboard Anateo and his men murder Colonel Emerson to force Carter to remove the transponder and repair the damage to the ship and as the transponder broadcasts the position of the Odyssey  it allows Vala to use her contacts and secure a less than space worthy cargo vessel but before they make contact the Odyssey as indicated by the transponder moves and they follow, it leads them to a “chop shop” for spacecraft and Vala along with Daniel get captured leaving Teal’c and Cameron to devise a drastic plan to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance who were behind the ambush of the Odyssey. Cameron using the Reol chemical which when injected into a target makes them see who you want them to see plays the part of the major Lucian operative Kefflin who is a friend of Netan the current leader. When Teal’c is captured he is only saved from torture thanks to the intervention of “Kefflin” aka Cameron and things continue to go wrong when the bounty hunter/dodgy dude Tenat arrives and provides the location of the Odyssey but having seen Cameron before he confronts him and for a price agrees to go along with whatever deal Mitchell has got going. Meanwhile Sam has freed some of the captive crew and the retake the ship and Vala takes a risk in beaming Anateo off the bridge and out into space when the plan was to beam Sam to safety, it works but before they can get underway Netan arrives but again the Reol chemical comes in handy and the two Ha’tak begin firing on each other and the Odyssey beams Teal’c and Cameron aboard and jumps into hyperspace.

Oh, the Earth is now at war with the Lucian Alliance…

COT (8)

Company of Thieves is another of the Lucian Alliance episodes but has a lot more meat on it’s bones, this is perhaps the first time we see them as a strong force with some very intelligent people in positions of power but without the communal self interest this “organised” crime syndicate are more interested in their own power bases and that provides the chink required for the SGC to pull their proverbial out of the fire. It’s a pity Anateo played by Rudolf Martin wouldn’t be returning, he played quite an entertaining villain and was perhaps more dangerous than Netan in the big picture but that was the problem, the tenth season had become an ORI arc and the alliance were really only a side show so they always have to be played down or a way found to negate their impact on the Milky Way while the fight for the galaxy continues.

Overall this was a fun and exciting episode, some good call backs and excellent guest and recurring actors, Teal’c got captured and tortured again and they even acknowledgment his issues with his role in these plans and of course the murder of Anateo was quite cold for a scifi show with a firm family audience, quite unexpected but probably deserved after he ordered the death of Emerson. We are going to see more of the Lucian Alliance in the years to come but they never really made their mark on SG1 and this was perhaps their best episode in terms of dramatic effect.

Dan LaRock joined us for the first time for Company of Thieves, he said he was nervous but came through the recording session with everything intact and I believe he will be very happy with the result, hopefully he’ll return at a later date and in that respect if anyone out there wants to join us for an episode then by all means get in touch, we’d love to have you on and we’ve proved timezones and locations can all be worked around. This weeks promo is for The Babylon Project and next week we will be watching the Stargate Atlantis episode Phantoms, we hope you join us for that and feel free to get in touch just as a few of you did by leaving comments on Facebook and Google+ for the last couple of shows, let us know what you think about the show and/or Stargate and if you spot any news we’d love to help pass it amongst the Stargate family of fans.



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