Feb 112017


The second half of the second season of Stargate Universe kicks off with Deliverance which is the conclusion to the two part episode which began with Resurgence. The Destiny is under heavy attack from the mysterious Drones but Chloe has sent a message to the Nakai who have been searching for her since she was abducted and infected with some pathogen. Three of their ships jump in and a good portion of the drones break off from Destiny and attack the newcomers. Rush and Eli manage to jam the drone communications for a brief period of time which allows the Destiny to lock on with their main gun and destroy the command ship, the rest of the drones power down. They decide to bring one of the drones onboard to study so they send the shuttle out, it recovers a drone by the Nakai intervene and hold the shuttle hostage, they want Chloe and they are holding all the cards. Chloe is nearing the end of her time as a human and with little chance of recovery and the benefits of getting the drone she is sent over to the Nakai ship. She is taken on board and once again the aliens perform some sort of medical procedure on her while Scott patiently waits in the shuttle hoping she will be allowed to return.


Eli and his band of merry scientists continue to study the captured drone and then another command ship jumps in and launches drones but the existing ones don’t react. Eli realises that each drone is tied to a particular command ship and having already accessed the code they manipulate¬†the alien version of friend and foe and the older drones. The Ursini having learned their colony was destroyed give their lives in a suicide run on the command ship which gives Eli the time to finish his work and then the old drones begin to attack the new ones. This small respite allows the Destiny to risk a FTL jump with minimal shields but the ship is badly damaged and many of the crew are injured.

Deliverance is an excellent episode and a good start to this group of episodes. The drones now take over as the primary antagonist for the ship as the Nakai and Chloe storyline winds down and as always as answers and provide many more questions are being asked. The visual effects of the space battles were stunning as you would expect and the practical effects onboard where visually dramatic. Chloe and Scott had a wonderful scene together and the comedic element was surprisingly strong with Eli and particularly Volker and Brody. I think we are in for a very entertaining ride as we head towards the series finale.

We want to extend our thanks to Thomas for joined us to record two episodes in one evening, this was the second and he’ll be back for the season finale. Our thanks also go to Brad for the audio feedback and to the nearly three thousand twitter followers many of which regularly chat with us. This weeks promo is for The Babylon Project Podcast and next week we are going to be joined by Brad to talk about Twin Destinies.



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