Aug 262012

Danielle Nicolet who played Reese in the Stargate SG1 episode  “Menace” is in an upcoming new sitcom called “The Family Tools” on the ABC network, also stars Kyle Bornheimer, JK Simmons and Edi Gathegin and is based on a British show.

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Oct 222011

Menace  The last survivor of a long gone race of people is found in some form of stasis in a very sleeping beauty pose but her true being is soon discovered upon returning to the SGC and when she regains consciousness the questions are asked and mysteries revealed. Faced once again with a conflict between extreme power and a lack of awareness and restraint the relationship between Reese and the SGC in particular Daniel who works point quickly collapses and all hell breaks loose, the result is inevitable despite the heartfelt pleas of Daniel for a humane resolution.

Menace is another one of the episodes which could be taken as a standalone episode but they weave in long standing arc elements especially in terms of the nemesis of the Asgard whose influence in the Human/Goa’uld sphere has always been restricted by events in their home galaxy. It’s probably convenient that a solution appears just as the Asgard are facing a critical time in their war and to add fuel to the fire the rise of Anubis is ramping up the threat level.

Beauty and the Beast?

One thing that may be surprising is that even though the basic plot is fairly simple and straight forward the episode packs in an awful lot of character interaction and action. The General and Janet get some good screen time and the dynamic between Reese and SG1 is strong with Daniel being the strongest and it’s their relationship which first builds trust and empathy and could have held it all together but eventually Reese’s lack of err maturity and the ease she can react to perceived slights brings down the house of cards. Danielle Nicolet who plays Reese carries off the innocence and then fury easily and developed strong chemistry with Michael Shanks which made the episode work, without that “warmth” the coldness that came later would have less impact and her fate less devastating.

Storm Troopers have nothing on this army!