Dec 132014

avatar Welcome to the first of the current batch of Gatecast seasonal bonus shows, this week Brad joins me to watch and comment on R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour season one episode Fear Never Knocks. The episodes stars Christopher Heyerdahl (Stargate SG1 & Atlantis), Matthew Walker (SG1 and Atlantis), Quinn Lord (SG1) and is directed by Peter DeLuise (SG1, Atlantis and Universe). While grandad is out the kids play with his mysterious recording device and unleash the worst terrors and then the original owner of the device comes to collect and well trust me this show would make sure any kid did not sleep soundly after watching it.

Fear (14)

Many thanks to Brad for joining me for this bonus episode, Alan was having fun at his Discworld convention so he missed out on this bit of fun, somehow though I think he wouldn’t want to changes places. Next week we have another bonus show and we’ll be looking at an episode of Sanctuary called Bank Job which as as you would expect lots of Stargate connections. We got a voicemail for last weeks show and we’ll save that for when we return with the “proper” Stargate specific shows in the new year but feel free to send us any comments you have, we’d love to have a bumper crop of feedback over the holidays.


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