Nov 132010

The SGC computer on a routine “dead” address dialling program gets a hit as the gate on P2x-416 has recently been uncovered by an archaeological dig and by recent I mean minutes. They make contact with one of the scientists and visit the world but find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place as a religious war allows no room for the local military commander to even consider they are not enemy spies but actually aliens despite mounting evidence to that fact.

New Ground is in many ways a weak episode as it attempts to tell a story that has enough scope to require far more than 40 odd minutes so we really only graze the surface of the story as it pertains to this simple set of circumstances. This won’t be the first time the SGC gets stuck in the middle of competing forces on one of their expeditions so perhaps the writers knew they had a gem of an idea and tried to do it better in a late episode.

We did get some good one liners from the guys and perhaps Teal’c came out of it the best after being injured and left helpless reliant on the alien Nyan to help in the rescue of the rest of SG1. The bad guys were a little weak but simply no time for their character development but they served their purpose. So watchable but instantly forgettable.